Koe no Katachi

Title : Koe no Katachi ( aka Silent Voice / Shape of Voice )
Aired : 17 September 2016 ( Japan ) , February – June 2017 ( Worldwide )
Director : Naoko Yamada
Producers : Shochiku, Pony Canyon, Kodansha, ABC Animation, Quaras
Studios : Kyoto Animation
Based on :  Koe no Katachi Manga by Yoshitoki Ooima
Type : Movie / One Shot
Duration : 2 hr. 10 min.

Storyline ( Full Spoiler ) :

This anime is about a story of a boy named Ishida Shoya, whose life becomes a mess because of karma.  Back in the days , when he was in elementary school , he bullied his classmate , a deaf girl named Nishimiya Shoko. It was fun for him to mock her disability , throwing away all of her hearing aids ,  or even making fun of her weird voices. Nishimiya never mad at him, instead she wanted to be friend with him. But the more Nishimiya tried to be kind to Ishida , the worse Ishida behaved. It happened day by day , until at a certain point , Nishimiya must be transferred to another school. Ishida’s mother had to pay compensation for all the hearing aids that her son broke, which is much more expensive than Ishida’s thought.

Karma started to play it’s role. Things became worse for Ishida. He became known for his mischief and all of his classmate started to avoid him. Moreover , his best friends whose came along mocking Nishimiya together with him back then ,  began to hate him and bullied him , just like what they did to Nishimiya before. Since then , life couldn’t be more easier for Ishida , even after the graduation , bad things about him still scattered around his junior high school life. He was tired of his own life and he decided to not to hear any voices come from other people anymore. He began to continue his life as a loner.

One day , once he was already a senior high school student , his patience ran out. He felt that there wasn’t any reason for him to continue his life much longer. He sold everything he had and he took all of his savings that he got from part-time job to pay his mother back. After that , he intended to meet Nishimiya for the last time.

Unfortunately , his meeting with Nishimiya changed his mind. He thought that committing suicide wouldn’t be the best way to end his problem. He wanted to pay his sin by bringing back her happiness that he took from her. At least he promised to himself that he wouldn’t make Nishimiya cried again. Nishimiya and Ishida became a friend since then.

After that day , many good things happened to both of them . From Nishimiya’s feeling for Ishida and her love confession , until the return of their relationship with their childhood friends. When Ishida thought that everything will be fine and fixed from now on ,  they realized that their happiness didn’t lasts forever. Remembered what happened to Nishimiya back then , break them apart once again. One blamed others with facts that they did a same big mistake to Nishimiya , One defend themselves with their own stubbornness to cover what already happened. Their relationship must ended just because they won’t admit what they had did back then.

Even though Nishimiya can’t hear what are they debating about , she was understand that she was the source of their problem. She felt guilty that her existence in their childhood life , ruined the relationship they had now , especially for Ishida , the one who she loved. She thought if she never exist in Ishida’s life with her disability , everything wouldn’t be this bad. She wanted to commit suicide by jumping from her apartment.

Ishida was there and he saw she were about to jump. He caught her hand and give all his strength to save Nishimiya. Luckily, he managed to pull Nishimiya at the right time, but he already met his limit to keep his position on that balcony. Nishimiya saved , but Ishida must substitute her place , he fell down with all his childhood regret with him.

Ishida was hospitalized and didn’t wake up for a few days. This incident left more regret for Nishimiya and her childhood friends. Nishimiya felt much more guilty than before. So she intended to apologize to them and makes them be friends again.

When Ishida woke up , the first thing he did was apologize to Nishimiya about her bad childhood memories and he wanted Nishimiya to help him continuing his life. He and his childhood friends were also admitted what they did back then , took off all the mask and stubbornness. Finally , Ishida decided to open his ears again for any voices out there.

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Personal Opinion :

                I know this anime movie from it’s trailer about 1 month before it was internationally aired on may 2017. Honestly , I almost cried just from watching it’s trailer. 2 minutes preview can makes me so emotional.  I’m so hyped for this upcoming movie and I wish I can get more complex story about the short preview of trailer that I just watched. I think this anime movie will going to be a masterpiece !

Last day (May 17, 2017) ,  I watched it and just like what I hope for , the storyline has more complex story than just a short straight romance story from the trailer. But do you know what I think ? I think it is way TOO MUCH. I know the whole storyline is perfect , it has a complex main problem and the drama is not exaggerate which results a concrete real life moral value that I can praise for , especially for people who enjoys slice of life genre anime like me. But , even though I know what kind of moral value is this movie trying to give me , I can’t feel it well. I can’t feel the whole storyline. I even didn’t cry or amazed after watching this movie. I know some anime that have complicated storyline like this , which leaves me couldn’t say any words after watching it , because there are so many emotional feelings inside me. But for this case , its different. I couldn’t say any words because I TOTALLY can’t feel anything from it’s plot. It feels like you hear a perfect funny story read by the most serious person in the world. I know how great this movie’s story about but it didn’t reach me very well , I’m not enjoyed it.

I think the fatal mistake is about the character development , especially for the side character. This movie has a lot of side characters that supposed to be the key of this movie’s main theme. But their development portion’s seems to be outnumbered by the main character’s. Though the relation between the main characters , Nishimiya Shoko and Ishida Shoya , is more representative for it’s romance , which is just a sub genre as it isn’t too dominant in this movie. These less exposed side characters results a disconnection feeling between every scenes , it feels like there is a huge space between every important events. So every time I started to be in flow , those gaps are cutting me out , forces me to adapt quickly with the next scene. These caused what happened in the one whole plot seems to be too fast for me to feel the story’s atmosphere.

Despite the un enjoyable feelings , I appraise the story’s idea from the writer very much. I like it how the original creator , Yoshitoki Ooima , bring such a real life based imagination into a manga world which is this movie’s adaptation come from. Though , a part of me maybe a little bit disturbed by how the main problem’s story starts and ended with a suicide action. It is exaggerating for me to have more than one ‘suicide issue’ in an one shot anime. Its just an objective opinion from me , but overall I love the story very much.

I say I’m a little bit disappointed , but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any reason for this movie to be praised. Moreover , after I’ve read the manga , which the storyline is much more clearer and touching , but much more longer than the movie , I’d say the director has done his job perfectly. I think he already did his best to fit 7 volumes of manga into a 2 hour movie, without deleting any single side character on it. This movie’s graphics are also done beautifully , as we know how it’s studio , Kyoto Animation , always does. I also appreciate how the story writer uses a deaf figure to be the main character. It makes this movie more sensitive and memorable as we know there aren’t much anime uses these kind of figures. Last thing that I can appreciate for is how they use a real singer , Hayami Saori , to be the voice actor for the deaf character. Not to offend anyone here but at first I think they use a real deaf person to fill the voice , however I admit that Hayami Saori did it well smoothly.

As the conclusion , for those who already read the manga , this movie is a perfect place to watch your favorite character lives on , with a fully packed storyline that you always wanted to see. But as a standalone movie , there isn’t any reason for this movie to be overrated , I admit that I like how the combination between an unique complex story and such quality graphics goes well , but it becomes nothing for me when the director failed to reach the viewer’s feelings (especially for slice of life genre anime).

Personal Rating ( 1 – 10 )

Story : 9
Art : 10
Sound : 8
Character : 8
Enjoyment : 6
Average : 8.2


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