Title : Orange
Aired : 4 July 2016 – 26 September 2016
Producers : TMS Entertainment, DAX Production, TOHO animation, Lawson, ABC Animation
Studios : Telecom Animation Film
Based on :  Manga by Ichigo Takano
Type : TV Series
Duration : 24 min. per ep.


Review ( Full Spoiler ):

This anime is about a schoolgirl named Takamiya Naho whose got a letter from herself in the future. She filled with regrets in the future , so she wanted Naho to fix her own regrets and pick the right decission for many problems that will come towards her. At first , Naho thought that the letter was just a joke , but , as what that were written in the letter become true one by one , she started to believe it. The letter mainly told about her classmate , Naruse Kakeru , whose already died in the future. The letter told all about how she will fall in love with him , how she will missed the chances to be more close with him , and many more.

Slowly , she started to do exactly what the letter told her to do. Some of them worked well as she expected, but some of them failed. When she thought that she can’t change the future by herself , One by one of her best friends , admitted that they got the same letter from the future of themselves. They started to help one another to change the future together.

Many things happen and the future slowly changed. Suwa whose already fell in love and married Naho in the future , succeed to make Naho and Kakeru be more happier together. Kakeru become happier than what that were written in the letter. He spent much fun time with Naho and the others.

At the date where the letter said that Kakeru will committed suicide , an unexpected thing happened. Naho and her friends that become worried for Kakeru , went to look after him, but they failed to find him anywhere , even on his own house. They searched all over the town. When they managed to find him , it was already too late. Kakeru that looked so depressed , was already too close to the fast-moving truck that will hit him , just like what the letter said. When they thought all of their efforts were useless that the future still can’t be changed , Kakeru pull himself aside from the street. He cried a lot , he said that he still felt hard to continue his life , but at the same time , he didn’t want to loose the memory that he made with Naho and the others. End of the story , they managed to keep Kakeru alive , they succeed to erase all of their own regrets from the future , and continue the life that they have.

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Personal Opinion :

Honestly , I like this anime so far. I should admit that there is nothing special about the art , music , or even the storyline. The first thing that amazed me is all about the main idea of the story and such a clean and neat material like the various personality of each character. They could have develop these material into something greater or even bring it to the next level , but disappointly , they don’t. Let’s talk about it separately.

First of all , I still don’t understand why they pick “Orange” for this anime title. I know there is ONE MOMENT where the male main character bought an orange juice for the female one , but it doesn’t go any further. It is reasonable to pick an object up as the title when the object is the most important thing in the plot , but in this anime , they don’t even mention anything about it later in the story. How do you think such a small event could be the reason they should pick it for the title ? They should’ve be more serious about this , they should’ve pick a title that has more deep meaning for this anime ,  that represent all of the main idea of the story about.

Next one is about the storyline. The most disappointing thing for me is how they develop such a GREAT main idea as the draft into 13 episodes long of ORIDNARY shoujo drama romance anime. I had to say that this is not a bad anime though , cause they succeed to make me enjoyed it. But for me , I think they could make it better than this. They even could bring it to the next level with some greater complications and events , rather than just an ordinary drama romance that already outnumbered in the anime market.

Another thing that I want to criticize is about the character’s personality. Like what I said before , they have unique personality on each character , but I think they didn’t feature it appropriately. Suwa has his kindness dominant in this story , however I can surely say that his role on every scene is way too much. Chino Takako is a little boyish , so in that scene where Naho is being disturbed by Ueda and her friends , why it should be Suwa that saved her ?. Azusa is a childish and cheerful person , so why it should be Suwa that cheer Naho up when she sad ?. I think it should be more spaces for Hagita too , as he is the smartest and the funny one. I know they wanted to be more focused on the romance thing , but it doesn’t mean that they can reduce the other characters existence. They are all counted as main characters , so I think giving all of them the same amount of role part in the story , will give viewers more chance to feel the friendship thing. They could bring the romance and friendship feelings for the viewers all up together , as I think 13 episodes is more than enough to cover it all.

For an anime that released on 2016 , I had to say the graphic quality of this anime is bad. While the other anime starts to try harder to make the shadow , light and color looks greater , this anime still use the ordinary outdated detail without any specific things to be amazed for. I also can’t give any impression for the sound , except some instrumental music that played when the letter shown up on the screen or when the story getting into it’s climax points. It is a less varied background music , but I think they places it fitly in every scene, which results I must give one more plus point for enjoyment.

Let’s discuss another good points of this anime. Like the rest of the anime on this site , I choose this title to be reviewed because I love the main idea of the story so much. The one most thing that turns out all of my bad opinions above is about the moral value that I got from this anime. I didn’t look it as a romance or friendship thing , but I talk about the meaning of ‘regret’ literally. I love how they draw the future as a different parallel world , and the main characters got letter from themselves to fix their own regrets in the future. It makes me turned on a little bit after I watched this anime. It makes me think that IF I got a letter from the future of myself , how many regrets that I wanted to fix in my own life ? It motivates me to do my best with my current life to makes my future brighter.

Secondly , I appreciate how they use the parallel world concept to finish the romance ending neatly. It’s not like the other romance anime , where usually they make the love triangle ending hanging out without any resolution , or at least one of them must be lose and giving up. In this anime , Naho has a good ending with Kakeru in their current time , but also in other parallel world , Suwa has a good ending with Naho . Both ending are showed up just right before the last episode over , which makes me say I enjoyed this anime overall.

Conclusion , for those who search enjoyment of watching anime from judging off by it’s cover , this anime will not ever fits you well. But for those who wanted to feels such a great moral value after watching an anime , this anime is DEFINITELY worth to watch , as they succeed to deliver the message implied behind the story neatly.


Personal rating ( 1 – 10 ) :

Story : 7
Art : 6
Sound : 7
Character : 7
Enjoyment : 9
Average : 7.2


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